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Where were we, then?

Ah yes, the video that took forever to process. Sometimes that app just stops. It didn't take long after I killed it and started again. Not much to see but I always like watching the water droplets on the videos from rainy drives.

Lunch yesterday was fun. I met Kristen at Chianti, the new Italian restaurant. It's in the spot where one of the downtown dives used to be, which moved to the other end of the block. The remodel is really stunning, but they didn't update the bathrooms, which is an odd choice. I think bathrooms are one of the most important things, and to leave it plain when the rest of the place is gorgeous is so odd. We split a caprese and a bowl of carbonara, then checked out a new thrift store across the street. The owner gets her merchandise from storage auctions, so most of what she has is in pretty good shape.

After that, we had a drink at the gay bar. Everett has one. Well, it's three clubs in one, but it's still just one place. A sports bar on the ground floor, dance club upstairs, and a lounge they're working on in the basement. The bartender let us go upstairs and check out the dance club, which was cool because I doubt I'll ever be up late enough to see it. It's a nice, big space, with windows and skylights. I should have checked out the bathroom.

I managed to get a little bit of gossip from the bartender, too. She mentioned another place she recently worked, and that's when I realized I recognized her from there. Turns out she and everyone else there got fired all at once by the owner, which explained why we hadn't seen our regular bartender there in a long time.


It was a bit of an odd morning today. The guy I usually run into at the end of the first lap showed up near the end of the second one, and two other guys I didn't recognize showed up. It was nice and dark when I arrived, but there wasn't a lot to see as it got brighter. Very few details in the clouds today.


I noticed a for sale sign on my way in and checked the Zillow app. This place is on the market for $2.6 million. Probably not what I'd go for if that was my budget.

This is a section of the bottom of an old tank that I always look at whenever I go by. It almost looks like a map of Seattle.


Happy gull perched triumphantly.


They could have planned this better, but I appreciate the sentiment.

They could have planned this better, but I appreciate the sentiment.

Today's awesome walk, 5.07 miles in 1:44, 11,242 steps
5.07 miles in 1:44, 11,242 steps

I skipped the other beach because I wanted to go to the grocery store, and do it as early as possible. I'm going on a road trip tomorrow and thought it would be nice to do the semi-regular deep clean of the cat boxes today, and that included buying a jug of litter because the big bag I bought that looks like it's the same litter by that brand is terrible. There's a little bit left, but I'm not going to use it.

Because I skipped the Monday and Wednesday swims, I'm already way up in mileage. 32 miles this week so far! And that's just from five walks. I really wish I could retire and walk ten miles every day. Or maybe eight.


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