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What a weekend. I arranged ahead of time to leave work two hours early so I could head down to Portland, so the rest of the morning after my walk was pretty rushed. The walk was nice, though. My first time at Japanese Gulch in a while, though just my standard "up the tracks and back and forth on the access road" mud/darkness route. I recently figured out a good spot on my hydration pack to clip a small flashlight, which is helpful for navigating the mud near the parking area. It wasn't dark for long, though.


Looks like it might have been a good thing I wasn't using the center trail. A fallen tree was all the way across and it's hard to tell from up above if it was possible to get over or under.


Friday's awesome walk, 5.64 miles in 1:54, 12,422 steps, 424ft gain
5.64 miles in 1:54, 12,422 steps, 424ft gain

My Uber driver nearly got us into an accident on the way to the bus station, then my bus ride to Seattle felt like forever because I didn't think to bring earbuds. I had my mp3 player so I could DJ in the car, but forgot all about the bus part of the journey. I met up with James (jameth) in Wallingford, we had lunch in Fort Lewis at the hilariously-named Pho Lewis, and finally we made it to the Westin. badrobot68 met up with us for a while before his shift at work. Please pardon my thumb.


Perfect bathroom setup at CC Slaughter's. We had dinner in the adjoining Rainbow Room.

How to do bathrooms.

James at JAMES.


Jeremy (dergerm) met up with us at Embers, followed shortly by my good friends Julie and Heidi. I know several more people in Portland but didn't want to try to arrange a huge group outing again like last time, and I'm glad I was able to have longer conversations with the friends I saw.


I didn't even know there was going to be a drag show, and it was an awesome one. The hostess looked just like Tiffany Pollard and was hilarious. She brought James up on stage to talk about his Seattle City Council candidacy.


James on the hotel couch as we waited too long for the elevator. There was lots of elevator weirdness this trip.


The happy couple cutting the cake.


Wedding day message from T-rex.

Rawr! They're married!

Saturday night was a blast. James and I met up with Douglas, my first boyfriend from 1997. He's been with the same man ever since right after me, and they just got married a few weeks ago after 20 years together. They also just had an epic honeymoon through several countries in Europe. The three of us had drinks at Scandals, picked up dinner at a food cart pod, and took it to the office where Douglas works. It was a neat place with cool views, plus free beer and wine. We spent lots of time catching up. I learned some things I didn't know and got to say some things I always wished I had. Really wonderful night. Jeremy met up with us for breakfast on Sunday, which was our second day in a row at Roxy. We had the same server, who we also saw at Scandals next door the night before. She was shocked to learn that we'd been to Lincoln City and back for a wedding in the short time since we'd all seen each other.

James getting ready, very elegant.

We went to Alan's apartment on the way out of town so I could finally meet his cat Viola, who you'll see as the Caturday cover model this week. It was nice to finally see the place, he and AJ have been down there for, what? Two years?

This may be my first time getting a clear picture of the sign all Washingtonians giggle at when they're on I-5.

Finally got a photo.

I was anxious to get out for a walk this morning after having missed my Sunday walk and spending the weekend living it up. I went to Langus and followed the paved path to start, and noticed a car arriving and parking when I arrived. I thought what I was seeing was one passenger get out with dogs and head North while another parked the car and stayed inside. Thinking I could avoid the walker with dogs, I headed toward the Island, only to realize I was wrong. The driver was alone with the dogs, and he went to the island, so I ran into him by the bridge. It was the same guy from last week with all the dogs, and he recognized me, introduced himself, and guessed correctly where I'd parked, saying now he knows if he sees the car that he might run into me.

I should have asked where he's from, he sounded just like half the guys who went to my high school.

The water was much lower than I've seen in a while. It occurred to me today that I have no idea if that's a natural thing that goes with the level of the river, or if they control it artificially. I've only seen one spot where I can tell they can choose whether or not to allow water to pass through so far.


It looks like someone may be trying to clear a path to the spot where I'm always saying there should be one, leading to the river's edge on the East side of the island. I hope they are, and I hope they succeed.


The sunrise was better than I thought it would be, but not super dramatic.


I keep having close encounters with geese in the same area. It's been very consistent lately.


Today's awesome walk, 4.55 miles in 1:40, 10,558 steps
4.55 miles in 1:40, 10,558 steps

It's been a fun few days, but it's also very nice to be back. This weekend was actually Garrett's first time sleeping alone in the house. He's been away several times and I've also gone away, but only within those days he was away.


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