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The lapsing of time

I've already complained that the "fast forward" filter disappeared from my Snapchat. If you follow me on there, you know it's the one I use the most. I just think most videos are better if they're faster. Trains go by faster, flocks of birds shift formations in more noticeable ways, and you can see otherwise-unnoticeable patters in ripples on the water. And I love the way distant traffic looks reflected on the water. But until the filter comes back, I won't be getting as much video of that kind of stuff because it won't look the way I want it to.

I'm also waiting on a camera I'll use mostly as a dedicated time lapse camera. It's called Podo, and I backed it on Kickstarter. You control it with your phone, and it sticks to surfaces or you can put it in a waterproof container. Both excellent options for leaving it behind while I'm on a walk so it can catch the sunrise, or passing clouds any time of day. Supposedly they've shipped all their units, so now I'm just waiting to see. Today would have been a nice day to use it.

Whoa, I *just* got an email update. They hoped to get them all shipped Friday but it looks like all of the US and Canada orders might arrive for processing as a group sometime this week. Guess we'll see.

Today would have been a good day for it, the sunrise was pretty neat.


I love when a mountaintop's shadow breaks up the sunrise.


I had a feeling the show wouldn't last, so I decided to hold up my phone and use my dashcam software to get a video of the end of it. My guess was correct, it was gone in three minutes. I used Hyperlapse to speed up that process, then used it again on that video to make it even faster.

Yesterday's special.


It's close-up-pictures-of-flowers season and I'm excited.


Today's awesome walk, 5.67 miles in 1:53, 12,410 steps
5.67 miles in 1:53, 12,410 steps

Today's theme was people walking at an awkward speed in front of me. Right as I started off, a woman jogged past me, but then started going slowly as she tried to fix her headlamp. Then later on, a guy emerged from a dock a bit ahead of me and started walking the direction I was going to, which is why my route after mile 5 is shifted East a bit. I don't expect the whole place to myself or anything, but I learned a long time ago to go somewhere else rather than try to pass anyone who isn't going really slow. Walking faster than normal in order to pass someone, for long enough to pass them, always leaves me with shin pain. And then if I stop for photos, they'll catch up. So it's best to just be flexible with the route.

Currently I'm killing time until our weekly conference call with an '80s horror movie called Clownhouse, which stars a very young Sam Rockwell. He just ate a handful of butter.



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