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That's no moon!

I got out nice and early because I wanted to get back and get to work on my new round of tests, which hadn't arrived in my inbox yet, but I figured they would within a couple of hours. And since I love the sunrise, I like to arrive at my destination when it's still pitch black out if possible. I should probably start programming the coffee machine so it's ready when I get up, that'd get me out the door 20 minutes earlier.

As I turned to walk away from the beach, I almost didn't notice this lovely moon.


Turns out it was a huge plane on its way into Paine Field. It's been ages since I happen to catch one flying by while there.

On the tank farm side of the wall, I found trucks and heavy equipment. Looks like construction I've been dreading is about to get underway. An article I found states they'll break ground this summer.


I think the new ferry terminal will be a great thing, it's just too bad I have to lose a favorite walking spot for it to be able to happen. But I've known this was coming for a while and that's why I make sure to visit every week.

My timing was bad and I had to wait a while for the ferry to load before I could cross over to the other beach. Thankfully I had some company.


Can't remember the last time I saw such a big cargo ship.


Today's awesome walk, 6 miles in 2:03, 13,334 steps
6 miles in 2:03, 13,334 steps

I stayed up a bit late last night because I had half an hour left of Cocoon and figured I may as well finish it. This morning was fine, but I'm exhausted now. Thankfully I managed to make it all the way through my testing today, though two of them are time sensitive and I have to check in on the next steps tomorrow.

Steve's ears were lined up perfectly with the afghan until I got close enough to take a picture, of course he had to move.


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