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I have excellent news to share! The local blog loved my submission and will run it in about ten days. They've also said they'd like to see more from me, up to two posts per month. They're even paying me a little bit, which is nice because I'll be writing about food a lot, and have to spend money to do that. Mostly I'm just excited to get a writing gig. I've been the king of unpopular blogs for a long time now.

Friday morning was a nice walk at the marina.

Boxcar Park pano

And it was a busy day. I got a haircut, cranked out a new set of release notes at work, then had an early dinner at Riverview before my tattoo appointment. I wanted to go back so I could try her Vietnamese options.

Riverview Cafe banh mi
Riverview Cafe spring rolls

Friday's awesome walk, 5.94 miles in 1:46, 12,225 steps
5.94 miles in 1:46, 12,225 steps

It was definitely an off day for me. I lost my debit card after I got the cash for the tattoo, probably left it at the ATM. Then I left my headlights on during the tattoo and had to get a jump from Jimmy, my artist. It's extremely unusual for me to allow such things to happen, so it makes sense that if it had to happen, it was all on the same day. I'll get some photos in a couple of weeks.

Saturday I made us a lovely frittata using leftover spaghetti and roasted asparagus that was in the freezer, plus jalapeño havarti , and served it with lefse and tomatoes.


This morning was another lovely walk at the normal spot. It'd be excessive to post all the photos, so click over to flickr if you'd like to see more. It was already somewhat light out when I got there, so I may have to start leaving earlier to ensure I don't miss the sunrises.


I love this van at the wastewater treatment plant, and have no idea what the paint job is about.


Today's awesome walk, 8.63 miles in 2:53, 18,888 steps
8.63 miles in 2:53, 18,888 steps

Garrett's going to an air show next weekend so we had Easter with Bev and Dennis early today. Bella says hi.

Hi Bella

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