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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Glad I second-guessed myself
Part of me considered staying in this morning because a lot's going on this week, but I realized that's just silly. I can keep going as far as I need to into the afternoon if there's a lot to do, so there's no reason to skip out on the best part of the day if there's nothing pressing. And of course I realized as I drove off that the deployment was this morning, so the system would be unavailable anyway. I was rewarded with one of the coolest things I've seen in a while.

It was a very cloudy morning, but a bright spot in the clouds indicated the moon was hiding, and I ended up getting a really good show.


As much as I bemoan the upcoming loss of this area, I'll admit that parts of it are definitely an eyesore. That's part of the appeal for me, but I realize I have strange taste.


Today's awesome walk, 4.9 miles in 1:35, 10,561 steps
4.9 miles in 1:35, 10,561 steps

My annual exam was this morning. It should have been three months ago, but my doctor left the practice to work with the VA again and my new doctor wanted to take a little time to get to know me during our initial visit and do a more thorough exam today. Plus he wanted to get labs to be able to compare them. Not that he mentioned anything about labs today, and since I'd had breakfast, I couldn't do them. But the lab opens at 7am and you can go without an appointment, so that's easily taken care of as they're just around the corner from our nearest major intersection.

I originally planned to eat at home today, but we didn't come home with as many early Easter dinner leftovers as I thought. Not an issue, as I also wanted to have lunch for an upcoming blog post. Not that there's any hurry, as my first post is about nine days off and they only want two a month from me. But there's no reason not to get a few banged out while I can. I'm really lucky that one of my areas of expertise is Vietnamese food because they haven't really covered it much.

I'm so bummed about the LJ TOS kerfuffle. Years ago, I wished that Google would have bought LiveJournal and Flickr, because that would have brought most of the major services I use under the umbrella of a nice, stable company. But they got Blogger and Blogspot instead, and their Picasa eventually became Google Photos. Flickr and LJ have had so many setbacks over the years, and while I like to think they'd be well taken-care-of if Google had them, Google is also fond of shutting services down. I never got into Google Buzz or Wave, but Google Reader was one of my most-used programs. Thankfully several competitors stepped up and I'm having basically the same experience in InoReader.