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Excellent weekend so far

I decided to write this before the Sunday walk just in case it ends up being a busy enough day that I don't feel like it later. I've got lunch plans, then Garrett will get home, and it might be nice to just catch up on the DVR and hang out.

I couldn't see anything until I got to the top of Japanese Gulch on Friday other than the moon through the trees. I heard owls and coyotes, though, so that was fun. Here's the access road I go back and forth on before heading back down until the trails are dryer.


I took the center trail down for the first time in a while. That fallen tree I spotted a while back is still there, but there was plenty of room to go under it.


The color's coming back.


Turns out there's been another landslide. It's funny how they talk about it as though there's no other way to get up to the top.


Friday's awesome walk, 5.28 miles in 1:49, 11,779 steps, 414ft gain
5.28 miles in 1:49, 11,779 steps, 414ft gain

I was in a hurry, and managed to get out, do that walk, and be home by 7am! Second day in a row. Wanting to leave as close to noon as possible was a good motivator. If I'd remembered to pack up the CPAP, I probably could have been on the road by 12:05. I had lunch at Round Table Pizza in Mt. Vernon, then accidentally went all the way up to Alger before realizing I'd missed the exit for Anacortes. If there are signs for it, I didn't see them.

My first stop in Anacortes was the bowling alley for a bathroom break. A sign saying restrooms are for customers only indicated they were tired of people like me. I bought a can of Nitro coffee and a bottle of water to become a customer. Then I parked the car near a restaurant called Adrift so I could order a dinner to go so I wouldn't have to leave again once I got to the cabin. The original plan was to also get a fried egg sandwich, but the personal pizza at Round Table is big enough that I still had half. So I just got a fried oyster sandwich with fries for dinner, and am really glad there was a good toaster oven at the cabin to heat that up later. Just the oysters and the fries, the rest of the sandwich would have gotten mushy if I heated it up.

Met this handsome dude while I walked around waiting for the food to be ready.

My man for the night.

The view from the cabin. So lovely.


Sunrise was gorgeous, but I still say sunrises are better. Lots more on flickr, of course.


I took my time this morning since the park at Deception Pass opens at 6:30am and I didn't know if there would be locked gates or something. When I got there at 6:20, I saw there booths weren't manned and today was a free day. I wouldn't have needed to pay because I have a Discovery Pass. Nobody was parked where I left the car, but it wasn't long before I saw a couple of people pass. And I saw that there was a trail running event, so I hopped to it, not wanting to share the trail with them.


The trail goes under the bridge, and that was one of the coolest views.


Not a bad pad, eh?


The top of the hill is really neat. When the glacier receded, nothing but rock was left on top, and the trail is just rock, but there are mossy meadows all around now.


It didn't occur to me until I was almost back to the car that I could also walk across the bridges! That was fun but I was way too nervous to stop in the middle for photos. Not afraid to fall, just worried my phone would slip out of my hands and be gone forever.


Today's awesome walk, 3.81 miles in 1:40, 9,893 steps, 653ft gain
3.81 miles in 1:40, 9,893 steps, 653ft gain

On the way back to the ferry, I stopped by the cemetery in Coupeville. Last time we were there, Barbara messaged me and told us to go find her grave. Turns out, she's had her plot for years, and was able to guide us to it. Her ashes will be buried there at some point, and when that happens, Garrett and I will take Bev and Dennis over to pay our respects. I wanted to make sure I can easily find it on that day, so I found it again today and made a better note of how to get to it.

Funny story, she and a friend had lost touch for years and he saw that plot marker, and found her on Facebook to see if she was still alive. I thought about trying to see him for coffee or something this morning, but I decided to pack as little as possible, and that didn't include a toothbrush since I normally don't brush my teeth until after the walk anyway.

I must say, I'm impressed with how little I brought. My backpack had my kindle, a stick of Body Glide, tights, a jock, and shorts. Today I used the shirt I wore Friday and the hoodie I keep in my car for the walk. And I only had to carry home yesterday's shorts and underwear, since I wore my walking shoes and socks throughout the whole trip.

I was the second-to-last person they let pull onto the ferry. Score! Here's a shot of the cargo crane at the beach I'm always taking photos of.


Starting this video in the ferry turned out cool.

After I showered, I went out for lunch and brought something back for dinner, but that was for another blog submission so I talk about that later.


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