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The thirst is real
Another reason I decided to wait until today to write about yesterday's walk is that I'm unable to eat or drink anything today until after a doctor appointment later this morning. It required nothing to eat or drink for ten hours out, so I couldn't have water all night. I swished some around in my mouth a couple of times, which helped, but right now, I'm parched. A brisk walk this morning would be out of the question. Not sure if I'll opt for a rare afternoon walk or maybe some yoga. A day off isn't completely out of the question, either, since I hiked on Saturday. We'll see.

Yesterday was really nice. I got there just in time for a really nice sunrise.


Yesterday may have been a record for number of photos taken. Here's a selection from what's on flickr.


As if the contrails weren't interesting enough, I walked into fog, and then sundogs appeared!


The dude with the dogs was driving back and forth while the dogs ran, even though the weather was perfect, so I guess the other day had nothing to do with the rain. And I saw a surprising amount of people after I saw him; a family of three heading South on the paved trail, someone heading West with walking sticks, a guy coming off the island smoking a pipe as I headed onto it. I'll probably always still be the first one there.

Today's awesome walk, 6.91 miles in 2:28, 15,754 steps
6.91 miles in 2:28, 15,754 steps

I saw a really nice piece of graffiti on the way home and had to park the car and walk back to get a photo.


The Podo camera I backed on Kickstarter and have been waiting months to receive finally arrived in Saturday's mail, which I got out of the box on the way out to the walk. It's really too bad it didn't arrive a few days ago, because yesterday's sunrise would have been perfect for a time lapse. Though those won't be as easy to make as I hoped. It doesn't create a ready-made video in time lapse mode, but rather a bunch of still photos instead. It gives you a lot of control, though. You can choose how long it takes the photos and how often, and it calculates the amount that'll be taken so you have an idea what you're dealing with. After the fact, you can transfer to your PC and use MovieMaker to create the time lapse. It'll be a little work, but hopefully it'll be worth it.

One thing I don't like is that the camera lights up whenever it takes a photo. My plan is to leave it behind somewhere, and I don't want people finding it because it flashes. I think some stickers to cover the lights are in order.

The camera has a sticky pad for mounting it on smooth surfaces, and that pad is surprisingly strong. When I tested it on a metal utility box on the back of the house, I had to go inside for a butter knife to pry it off. The waterproof plastic case I got for it may be a better choice.

Tomorrow's also not a good day for a morning walk because I have an important presentation at 8am, so I'll have a time lapse to show off Wednesday at the earliest.