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"Let's make a burrito!"

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My new, annoying hobby is here!
I backed the Podo sticky camera on Kickstarter ages ago because I wanted a camera I could use specifically for time lapses. It arrived Saturday and today was my first walk bringing it along. I originally wasn't even sure if I'd walk today since I had an important call at 8am, but now that the coffee's ready when I wake up, it's so easy to drink a cup and head out rather quickly. I was at the parking spot I always use near the tank farm at 4:35!

It was an overcast day, but that can still look cool in a time lapse, so while I don't have any photos, I have this!

Thankfully I have a waterproof case for it, as it was raining a little bit before I could get to it. While I didn't take any pictures myself, the camera got one of me as I approached.

Those light parts on the outer edge are adhesive residue on the waterproof case. The camera lights up whenever it takes a photo and I didn't want anyone finding it because of that, so I cut apart the non-stamp part of a book of stamps and used it as stickers to cover them up. It didn't work that well, so I also colored over it with a Sharpie. I was still unsatisfied, so later on I peeled all that off and used some Finding Dory stickers that were in gummy treats in my Easter basket.

Today's awesome walk, 5.03 miles in 1:36, 10,747 steps
5.03 miles in 1:36, 10,747 steps

For another test this afternoon, I condensed an hour of clouds from the front steps into 20 seconds. I really like how it slows down and then clears toward the end.

Hopefully I can find some good ways to disguise it. For now I'll just have to hope that nobody else ever spots it, and I'll appeal to their good side. :)


It shouldn't be much of an issue, especially on Sundays. The spot where I go is huge and I see so few people. Fingers crossed.

My presentation this morning went very well! I have to do it again at 5pm but I'll be much less nervous this time.

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How long will it record? It would be a fun thing to leave out on the balcony to record the weather that changes every 15 minutes.

The app allows you to go up to 5,000 photos, and you can say how many minutes/seconds apart they are. The lowest for that many is every five seconds (6hr56m) and the longest is a photo every hour, which would be 208 days, but I'm sure the battery would die.

Interesting time lapse. I like how the clouds change so much and that end of that second one is lovely. Duck tape might solve your light issue?

I avoided duct tape because its adhesive has such a tendency to stay behind if you peel it off. The Finding Dory stickers I used match its color very well, though!

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