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Up in the air
I couldn't wait until Sunday to try the Podo out at Spencer Island, so I went over this morning, heading straight to the hunting trail because I know a good spot just off it to leave it. There's a new sign with the exact dates of hunting season.


Pretty sure nobody cares about the leash rule. And I saw a bunch of shotgun shells and the box they came in just laying around. I really don't understand people who can carry something in, but then feel the need to litter. It's way lighter than before if you pack it out. Dicks.

Of course, there were plenty of gorgeous views. Nice cloud day even though they were displayed against another solid layer of clouds for the most part.


This is the highest I've ever seen a heron perched.


Today's awesome walk, 6.17 miles in 2:06, 13,646 steps
6.17 miles in 2:06, 13,646 steps

I had the hardest time processing today's time lapse. The frames would load in Movie Maker, but as soon as I tried to reduce how long each one was displayed from 7 seconds to .03, it would crash. One time it even made my entire laptop go all glitchy and I had to force it to restart. I finally gave up trying to do it that way and made a full-length video, saved a slowed-down version, and then repeated the process one more time to make it short enough. Hopefully the next one won't be as difficult.

Turns out I'd see a lot more herons today. My friend Lisa message me this link about herons currently nesting at the Everett marina and told me to come down and have a look once she was set up there. She had her telescope and had binoculars, and counted 18 nests and 30 herons! I didn't realize at the time, but one of my Snapchat videos was two herons having sex. Ha. The zoom for photos wasn't quite good enough, here's the best of the photos I got.


It was fun to watch, because with so many of them there, one or two were coming and going at any given time. We saw them bringing sticks to build the nests with, too. Plus there were two seagulls eating a seal carcass out in the water. Lots to see. I spotted an open gate at a boat storage facility just to the right of where the herons were, and Lisa sneaked in for a better look as I headed home.

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That was SO fun today, Christopher! To finish the gate-sneaking story: a nice guy with Rasta braids gently said that the gates are not usually open because private property and liability. But he confirmed that this is the second year for the rookery and I got better views of the nests. In a few weeks it will so loud as all the young hatch and beg for food. Some will fall out of the nest into the water. Osprey nest on a nearby set of pilings. Before you arrived I met a guy named Thomas with a photographic memory who said two immature eagles were eating the carcass yesterday. Good day!

Very good! Awesome to see ya.

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