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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Hiding in plain sight
As much as I worry about someone finding my Podo while I leave it unattended, I realized this morning that if it's just a bit off the beaten path, the danger of it happening goes way, way down. This morning, I put it on the fence halfway between between the two sides of the tank farm walking loop, and the only reason I noticed it as I walked by each time was that I knew exactly where to look, so that was nice. Today specifically, there was also less danger of anyone else coming along. A train blocked the car entrance to the beach for about an hour! Long enough that the employee on duty at the big crane drove in via the walking path. That was truly strange to see and I'm glad I was on the beach instead of the path at the time.

Two geese were in the same spot all four times I passed by the parking lot, and I saw this pair hanging around here at least twice.


Photo challenge: show this graffiti close up.


Challenge accepted! Thanks, Instagram. Nice to finally see some decent stuff around here.


From now on, I'll end each time lapse by getting a shot of myself if possible. It's a good way to switch modes in the software and get the camera to stop taking photos, and it'll be a fun series of pictures.

The camera view during this morning's time lapse.

I wish the puddle was bigger, I like the reflections of the clouds in it.

Today's awesome walk, 5.63 miles in 1:53, 12,355 steps
5.63 miles in 1:53, 12,355 steps

I got a lot done today, including my normal weekly chores, plus sweeping the entire upstairs so it looks nice for a meeting Garrett's holding here tomorrow. I also went out to lunch, partially because I was craving something specific, and partly as research for a possible blog submission. That particular one will require three more restaurant visits, so it'll be a while before I submit that one. Or I suppose I could go to all three of the others in one day and have some leftovers for the freezer. Huh, that's actually a really good idea. And I just thought of it!

One thing I did before leaving for lunch was capture a typical morning for Sam and Steve. This is 2.5 hours worth of their enjoyment of the heated dining room floor.

Later on, with the entire house to enjoy, they have to squeeze onto the same chair.


And Sam is always so helpful when I clean.

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I like the time lapse video of the cats.

I'm so happy they cooperated!

I have cat hair everywhere in my house at the moment and my cats hate the broom and the vacuum.

I miss having heated floors. Mr Cee says we can install some in the bathrooms as the main bathroom is cold with only a small heated towel rail (it really notices that the people who refurbished the house didn't think about living here in some instances).

I'm really enjoying those time lapse films. My phone will do time lapse but I don't want to tie it up for an hour or two! I should look at getting your gadget ;)

I thought about seeing if I could also dig out an old phone to do time lapses on, but realized it'd be hard to set up the shots for some angles. Having a dedicated device is pretty neat!

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