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Right on time

I was about a mile from home this morning when my fuel light went on, because I totally forgot to get gas during my Friday errands. There's always $10 in the glove compartment, but the pumps only take cards, and it was too early for any of the kiosks to be open. So, I ran back home for a credit card, gassed up, then hurried to the spot where I wanted to set the time lapse up.


There were lots of ducks hanging out today, but even more slugs.


Fun with reflections.


I really liked the subtle color in this.


Here's the view as I approached the camera to pick it up. Really neat sky this morning.


The new routine end-of-lapse selfie. A cousin saw this on Facebook and said I look so much like my mom, which is true, but I don't see how she got it from this.


And here's the time lapse. Once again, not much sunrise to see, but it's still cool.

Today's awesome walk, 7.53 miles in 2:26, 16,193 steps
7.53 miles in 2:26, 16,193 steps

We went to brunch at Harvey's after I got back, which was lovely, as usual. Though I also figured out where not to sit because two different pairs of people sat right next to us in a row, because they had a good view of the TVs there. There's nothing quite as good as diner-style toast.



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