christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Water, water everywhere

My latest tattoo session is now fully healed, so I went to the pool Friday and this morning. It's nice to be back in the water, though now that I have the Podo, it's tempting to walk instead. Especially when I drive home from the swim center and can see fog layering into the hills off in the distance. But at least at the swim center, I got to see Zoey. And got some info from a longtime resident about a place I'll be writing about soon.


There are lots of trees where I normally park, so I went a bit further out for a better view for the time lapse. This time, I used my flexible tripod to clamp it onto my steering wheel.


Inspiration struck for my fourth submission to the blog I've been writing for, so I headed out for lunch and a trip to Edgewater Beach, the one next to the tank farm. The camera started rolling just in time to catch one ferry leave, so I let it go until another arrived, not realizing I was in frame so much toward the end.



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