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I usually go to the marina on Tuesdays but I was really in the mood for the island again, and there was no reason not to go, so I did. For the first time ever, I saw lots of workers and heavy equipment loading up and transporting biosolids. I changed my route a bit because of them, but ended up at a really good spot for the time lapse.

The water was just high enough that the walkway to this viewing pen was under water, but the rails on either side weren't. Hadn't seen that before.


Interesting clouds opposite the sunrise.


At first there wasn't much to see, but the sky got pretty dramatic eventually.


A rare view of well-lit Olympic mountains through a perfectly-timed hole in the clouds. I mean, they're well-lit quite often, but not when the rest of the sky is dark.



This came out pretty nice. I figured out that the light in the corners isn't from adhesive residue, it's a reflection of the Podo's lights off the inside of the case. If I pull off all the stickers, it may lay flush enough to stop doing this, so the new plan is to peel everything off and paint over the lights with some dark nail polish, which I'll pick up tomorrow.

Today's awesome walk, 6.79 miles in 2:28, 15,643 steps
6.79 miles in 2:28, 15,643 steps

Once I got the first time lapse set up and the Podo fully charged, I went ahead and made another in the back yard. Really digging how both came out today.


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