christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

99 cents well spent

My second blog post for Live in Everett went live today! I was about to say it's my first writing gig, but I was a copywriter at an ad agency for a while. It's the first time getting paid for writing something enjoyable. It's not a huge amount or anything, but it'll be nice to get back the money I spend doing the research.

This morning at the pool was nice, and I got a good time lapse from the leg of one of the picnic tables nearby.

I originally thought about putting it on the playground equipment and am glad I didn't. It was really surprising so early on a weekday to come out and find kids playing there. It was around 7:30. After that, I stopped by QFC for some items I needed, and hoped to find nail polish there, but they don't seem to carry any. Drug stores seem to be the way to go, so I went across the street to Rite-Aid, only to discover I was ten minutes too early. To kill time, I went to Safeway for some items I was going to pick up in a couple of days. They had four colors of nail polish, but I wanted black, and thankfully once Rite-Aid was open I found a bottle for 99 cents. It did a great job covering the lights, and now there's the just a faint glow in the sides of the blue case when they light up.

Podo camera and cheap fix for lights you can't turn off.

Based on people's fingers, I figure this might eventually chip, so I'm prepared to repaint once in a while.


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