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*Patsy Stone voice* Thursday!

What an absolutely fantastic day. Thursdays are my day off from cooking dinner, so even though I have chores I usually do, I try to usually eat lunch out and enjoy the day as much as possible. Down at the tank farm, I started by finding a perfect spot for the time lapse.

I flooded Instagram with tons of gorgeous photos this morning. I've pretty much decided I'll post as many photos as I please. In the last few months, the quality of my internet experience has gone way downhill because everyone shares the same links and participates in the same memes, then there's the backlash, and then the backlash to the backlash. Meanwhile, the stuff that I'm really there for--original photos and updates about people's lives--gets buried. So I'll share as much of my own stuff as I please. I've noticed Instagram's algorithms sort stuff all over the place anyway.

But even though it's behind a cut, I still like to just show a selection. There's tons more on flickr, as always.


The time lapse vantage point selfie and today's awesome video.


Today's awesome walk, 6.76 miles in 2:35, 16,053 steps
6.76 miles in 2:35, 16,053 steps

For lunch, I got a sandwich and went down to the beach. I took this photo for Live in Everett, but had to re-shoot because there are penises carved all over this table. It worked out, though, because the other shot looks way better.


The walk to the beach and back got me another two miles, bringing my total today to almost nine. I had a time lapse set up near the car, but there wasn't anything interesting in it, so I didn't save it. Meanwhile, the clouds in every other direction were amazing.


One thing that made this afternoon really neat was all the people involved. The first place I went to try to buy a sandwich doesn't sell them, but the owner was super friendly. Then I ran into my friend Kristen near the bakery I ended up going to, and had a nice chat with her. The sandwich case at the bakery was already empty, but the owner offered to make me one, and the women she'd been talking to were really fun to talk to while she was making it. And then after all that, I had the beach all to myself the entire time I was there. What a fun day.


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