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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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I often take a little break at the end of the week and wait until Sunday to post about what happened on Friday. But by this point, there's so much to share, that it'd just be too much to add to whatever I get during tomorrow's walk.

The Boeing glow was the biggest I've ever seen. Normally I take the photo from the yacht club building, but this one was big enough that it was easy to get a photo from way over on the road.


IRL emoji.


Lots of cool plant/flower photos to get yesterday. Those are a great way to embrace the square Instagram format.


I love how the houses on Grand Avenue loom over the marina. Down at ground level, the left side is where all those herons were the other day. I wanted to check if they were still hanging around, but there was exactly one car parked right by there and it was awkward.


Thursday's special.


The sky over the water was amazing, and made me sad that I pointed the Podo toward the opposite direction hoping for a sunrise.


The Podo was attached to the rightmost picnic table leg.


Today's awesome walk, 6.08 miles in 2:10, 13,823 steps
6.08 miles in 2:10, 13,823 steps

Once I got home, I realized I could charge the Podo up while I showered, get the photos off it, then leave it outside all day. That came out nice.

Saturday's the only day of the week I don't have an alarm set for 4:00am. Today I woke up and checked the time. 4:05. It's fine, I don't really believe in sleeping in anyway. Perfect opportunity to retrieve the Podo, charge it for a bit, then set it up again for the sunrise. As gorgeous as it was, the trees make it hard to see most of the color in a wide shot.


Once that was over, there was a very nice view of the mountains.


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That first time lapse really shows how the clouds change direction doesn't it.

I was surprised to see it, for sure.

I love the Podo shots. The one of the back yard was super interesting because of the shadows.

Thanks! I'm having so much fun with it.

I have to get one! I'm looking forward to using it on the balcony where it will capture the people coming & going in the parking lot...probably get some drug deals and maybe even a squirrel.

OMG yes! My birthday present to myself. I'm sure I will ask you many questions about how to use it. Haha.

I still have a big chunk of my tax refund set aside for emergencies like this. :)

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