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Good to be home

Today it makes sense to share the map first, because the route is the story.

Today's awesome walk, 8.8 miles in 3:18, 20,640 steps
8.8 miles in 3:18, 20,640 steps

I left the time lapse camera at the point where I turned East about halfway between the 1- and 2-mile markers. I decided at that point that I wanted to do my whole route North of there so I wouldn't have to walk all the way back up to that point later on if I went to the island or around the paved trail. Much of the path after mile 3 was wet, tall grass, so my feet were cold and wet until I got home. Pretty sure I won't go up that way again for a while unless they mow. There weren't too many dramatic sky moments, though I might have missed a few because I had to really watch the ground when I walked on the grass.


On Friday, my barber told me there used to be some houses here, and I confirmed that on an aerial photo from 1990. There isn't a trace of them at all now.


Flowers, etc.


The time-lapse perspective selfie.


Geese practically modeling.


The time lapse came out neat! First time in a while I liked the dashcam video, too.

Normally I'm not in much of a hurry to be done with the walk, but today it felt really great to get home and in the shower. Garrett had a craving for McDonald's breakfast and it really hit the spot. For dinner I made us pizzas using some frozen cornmeal crusts I found at the co-op the other day.


They both have sauce, onions, kalamata olives, low-moisture part-skim cheese, and feta. His has uncured pepperoni and mine has smoked oysters, my favorite pizza topping. We also had a salad.


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