christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Not as planned, but good

Yesterday I put the Podo on the rail on our front porch to watch our trees and the sky behind them. I thought I set it for long enough to catch the sky going dark, but it ends a bit before that. That's too bad, but the video's still neat.

The fence behind the swim center was a good spot for today's video, but the sky just didn't cooperate. I made the video and decided not to publish it because there just wasn't anything to see. Kept the selfie, though.


It was a little close to the walking path and I worried the whole time I was inside that someone would steal it. I'll try again, but much further away from the path. I could have done that today but the grass was really wet and I didn't want my sandals to get soaked. That's probably better than a missing camera, though.

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