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50/50 shot

After how magnificent the sky was at the marina last time I was there, but in the opposite direction from where I'd placed the Podo, I was looking forward to today's trip down. I pointed it toward the water because that was the better direction last time and there were no clouds to the East. All weather is subject to change, though, and pretty soon there was a lot more to see, including a wall of fog coming in from the South.



Fun with reflections.


The drama the Podo wasn't pointed toward.


A plane left a really nice contrail that stayed a long time and thankfully ended up in the video.


Yesterday's special. I like to think they're staying open later now because of the success of my blog post about them, but it's probably just because of summer.


It was too dark to know at the time that the shot was this off-kilter. Oh well.


Today's pretty squares.


Today's awesome walk, 6 miles in 2:04, 13,388 steps
6 miles in 2:04, 13,388 steps

I still like this video a lot even though it's the lesser of the possibilities from this morning. But there's no way of knowing when you set it up. Much like life, but far less important.

Yesterday I noticed one of my headlights was out, so today I took the car in to my friends' shop to have them both replaced. On the way home, I had two visits planned for an upcoming article, but only one of them ended up having what I was looking for. Still a tasty lunch for me, but the plan was to buy two and save some driving. Thankfully, with five total planned for that piece, four is still plenty.


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