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What a shift

It rained quite a bit overnight, but wasn't so bad when I got up. I'm always frustrated that I have to wait until 6am for the pool to open, but had a good idea to make use of the time.

The last time I tried to go to WinCo before the pool, it was a waste of time because I had to wait until 6am before they could sell me wine, and I couldn't get bagels at all because they weren't ready yet. There was no need to get bagels or wine today, so I went over there to get my shopping done, which got me to the pool at 6:05. Perfect, since I don't like to be part of the initial rush.

The deep end was pretty crowded, and I found myself having to move around a lot more than I usually do because so many people were going in every direction. It was fine, though. It's a little weird being the only one who isn't chatting with everyone else the whole time, but it's so much more enjoyable with music.

Speaking of which, this song came on and I laughed out loud.

(I'm going to start pasting URLs under the video embeds because the embeds don't work when I import over to Dreamwidth. And I haven't found how to embed one over there, either.)

When I got out of the pool, one guy chatted me up from the water, wanting to know if I'd been using some sort of flotation device. I said no, but fat is more buoyant than muscle alone so I don't have a hard time floating at all, even upright. He could still barely believe it, because he was holding on to a pool noodle or the edge a lot of the time, between bursts of practice. And he was in amazing shape. "You make it look so easy!" he said, and was shocked to find out I'd been in the water for a full hour.

I float easily and have strong legs, so give me a deep spot in the water and I'm happy. If I was in a race? Not so much.

The Podo was on my steering wheel with a view of the park. I hoped for a dramatic video of droplets on the windshield, but it didn't turn out interesting at all. Enough water to really obscure everything in the photo, but not enough to roll down very much.


The DJ on the radio said Seattle was going to be cloudy and rainy all morning, but then clear up and get up to 70 or so! The Podo's in the back yard looking up over the tops of some trees, hopefully that'll turn out cool.

I'd be getting the recycling and garbage ready right now, but I'm expecting a large delivery and may as well just use the box it comes in for the cardboard instead of the regular bin. While I wait, I'm watching The Final Terror on YouTube, an '80s horror movie starring Daryl Hannah (you know her!), Adrian Zmed (from Grease 2!) and Mark Metcalf (from the Twisted Sister videos!). I wanted to watch Willow, but the copy they have is just terrible.

It's really about time we got the future we were promised years ago: every movie ever made in every language, any time.


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