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12 hours in 20 seconds

I left the Podo out in the yard yesterday in the morning, and let it go all day. I didn't originally set it up to go that long, but it's pretty easy to stop it and start again without missing a beat. And that works out well because there's really no way to process that much time lapse all at once with my setup, so having two folders to start out with is just fine. For those who are interested, I've got my routine down to a science. No matter the time between photos in the lapse, I add them to my movie, edit so each lasts half a second, save the video, start a new project, then open that video and speed it up however much I feel like. And in the case of yesterdays, I repeat all but the last step, then make a new project out of both videos. I'm pretty quick at it now.

I really like how yesterday's long video came out. First it's overcast, then you see the sun, then it mostly clears, and finally the moon goes by at the end. So fun.

It was really foggy out this morning, which made for a fun walk, but the video was boring. Couldn't even tell it was a time lapse! Of course, I kept the selfie.


That was after the walk, though. Here's the first photo of the day, during the only few minutes when it was dark. It got bright out surprisingly fast.


The walking trail along the water, which is off to the right. See the bunny?


Heading back the other way, the road to the beach. This will remain when the ferry terminal comes, but the path above won't. I think.


Today's pretty squares.


Over at Mukilteo Beach, I stumbled upon this very Hitchcockian scene.


Today's awesome walk, 5.4 miles in 1:54, 12,215 steps
5.4 miles in 1:54, 12,215 steps

It was still foggy well into the morning and I decided to set the camera up in the back yard again to see what would happen. Turns out the sun going by is pretty interesting. Glad I was in the basement with the curtains drawn as it went by.

My first check for my blogging efforts came today! That's a fun milestone. I kinda want to get it framed.


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