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A first time for everything

In New Mexico, you can take driver's ed classes at age 14 and get your license at 15, and I did. I've had a license for 27 years and was never pulled over by the police until this morning. The headlight I had fixed on Tuesday was out again, and I hadn't noticed yet. Because of the stop, I got a late start to the walk, but it didn't matter too much because it was really cloudy. No sunset, but it still looked neat out.


The low water and light levels played well off each other.


It was quite the day for birds! I saw an eagle.


Two goose families, here's one.

A noisy hawk.

And this guy.


Plus a hot air balloon!


Squares of the day.


The time lapse spot selfie and the time lapse. I really like the train.


Today's awesome walk, 7.18 miles in 2:30, 16,158 steps
7.18 miles in 2:30, 16,158 steps

The sky was clearing up as I left, so this is the best drive video I've gotten in a while.

And here's yesterday's video, the camera was on the railing of our front steps all day. I love the strange blue beam that shoots down from the sun for a bit.

Today's Garrett's birthday! We had a nice brunch with his parents and then went back to their place for cake.

Hi Bella.
Happy birthday Garrett!
Where's Bella?

I figured out that the embeds I do here will work on dreamwidth as long as I copy the entry html before I save it and paste it into DW. The issue with the imports is that LJ wraps embeds in their own "lj embed" tag and that breaks them on DW. You'd think they'd have figured that one out, since "lj-cut" works just fine over there. Oh well. It's easy enough to copy and paste.


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