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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Details to come
Mondays at the pool sure are nice. I'd swim just about every day if I had my own pool, but since I don't, it's nice to have a good one in the neighborhood to visit a couple of times a week. I thought about hanging the camera off the back fence of the swim center but the sunrise coming through the trees looked nice from where I parked, so I put it on my steering wheel. You can barely see me in the photo because the sun's so bright.


I forgot to switch out the music on my swimming iPod, so I listened to Lip Locked 311 again. That was fine, because I got a shoutout in that episode, and forgot to mention it on last Wednesday's post. I listened to her show while I was decorating my room at the condo, and mentioned it to her on Facebook or Twitter, so she said hi on the next episode. It was her first one of 2014, so it's funny to remember that just after I finally decorated, we decided to list and move to Everett. Meanwhile, in TimeHop and Facebook memories, we're a few months later in the year, and I see the stuff from when we first moved up. Nostalgia in different directions, from every direction.

The time lapse is interesting but not as beautiful as the ones with a more open sky.

Whenever there's a squirrel in the yard, we call it Bobby. I wonder how many different squirrels we've pretended are the same one. I love his little arms in this.

I had a fun lunch today, but since it was for Live in Everett, I'll save those details for when it's published. Probably two weeks from Wednesday if they keep up the same pace.

At the grocery store on the way back from the pool, I decided today was a perfect day for a roast. It's been in the slow cooker and the house smells amazing, and I'm starving.

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I seem to be getting double posts from you on my friends list. No idea why? Perhaps something to do with cross posting? I'd love to have a pool - it would have to be indoor though :)

In all seriousness, it turns out this and the last entry were duplicated for some reason. I deleted those. Thanks!

And I agree, indoor pool for sure. I don't like spending much time in the sun.

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