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575 sconce

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The moon also sets
With my headlight still out, I decided I'd still go to the marina as I often do on Tuesdays, but keep off the main roads. That only added a few minutes to the drive, and I got there in plenty of time to set the Podo up. The original plan was to get the sunrise, but when I saw the moon, I had to point the camera at it.


Very lucky shot, here. They were walking toward the shadows and bobbing their heads a lot.


The moon hiding in plain sight.


If I owned a boat.


Today's pretty squares.


No Podo selfie today since it faced the water, but I found a nice spot for one.


Yesterday's special.


I'm so happy I figured out how to quickly flip photos on my phone. Sometimes they're just much cooler that way.


It's great when a new frame presents itself.


Today's awesome walk, 5.75 miles in 1:53, 12,464 steps
5.75 miles in 1:53, 12,464 steps

That moon! So glad I went out there today.

And here's another time lapse from yesterday. I left the camera on our water meter next to the house and let it go all day.

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I love how the clouds swirl around in the time lapse which you don't normally notice.

Do you think the resolution of the Podo is good enough to capture stars? I suppose it depends how dark it is and how bright they are? They don't sell the Podo over here in the UK. I'm going to have to experiment with my phone one day I think.

My guess would be no, since it doesn't look much clearer to me than my phone does and I've never seen stars on my phone. It probably takes a DLSR to do that. Which is too bad, because time lapses with stars are awesome.

BTW this post published twice on my first try and I immediately deleted one of them. So weird!

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