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I stopped writing about yesterday when I came to lunch time because swim days can be pretty uneventful, so why not save some of the events to write about today? I went downtown to grab a couple of lunches for a Live in Everett post, because it's silly not to double up when the two restaurants I want to visit are on the same block. And there was enough left over for dinner. Perfect! But one thing I'll recommend for this particular dish that I'm writing about is calling ahead or ordering online, because it can be a bit of a wait. Not a big deal if you're hanging out there, but a bummer if you're doing takeout.

Downtown Everett's a great place to walk around, so after I ordered and paid, I let each place know I'd be back. Nearby, I found a little space between two buildings leading to a back entrance of a parking garage, which had some nice art. And thanks to the wide angle lens, I was able to get a picture of this one even though it's a narrow space.


This one's off to the side. I mostly liked the shadow.


It's likely you've heard of Funko, but you may not know they're based right here in Everett! Their factory is over in the big industrial area near Boeing and Paine Field, and they've just opened a new office HQ in downtown Everett, in an old department store building. It wouldn't be that interesting if it were just their offices, but they'll also have a retail store and an event space. Pretty neat! They have a really cool light-up sign that's a bit too tall for Instagram, so you can see that on my tumblr.


Vertical video is here to stay because of phones. Snapchat and Tumblr handle it properly, and Instagram does in their stories, but their regular post size is a bit too short sometimes. Every site and app that hosts video needs to just get with the times and display any dimensions that a phone can make. Without stupid black bars on the sides.

I put the Podo at the very end of the fence behind the swim center. Perfect spot, because it's really far from the footpath. But that also means you have to walk on a lot of grass to get there, so my sandals and feet got really wet. Yuck. But I wear sandals to the swim center specifically so I don't have to worry about wet socks and shoes, so I guess it's the best possible choice. It was a nice swim and I got a great video. I'll definitely use that spot frequently.


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