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Yesterday I met Kristen for a belated birthday lunch. She turned 40 a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to finally try Moontree Asian Tapas, a place I happen to love. It's at the marina, so I went a little early to set the Podo up for a lunchtime lapse.

I'm always really early, so I took the extra time after the lapse started to walk around the buildings a few times. That particular part of the marina always has really nice flower baskets, and the sun was bright, which made for perfect pretty squares.


Lunch was great, the visit was nice, and the time lapse turned out neat. I think the people in the first part had a close encounter with a seal or something, because just after they walked out of frame, I heard a big splash and saw them looking very startled.

I thought pointing the Podo at the ferries again this morning, maybe even from a spot much closer, but I noticed there was a barge with a huge crane up North, and couldn't pass that up.


It was too overcast for a real sunrise, though it broke through for a bit.


Today's pretty squares.


Today's awesome walk, 5.6 miles in 1:56, 12, 527 steps
5.6 miles in 1:56, 12, 527 steps

The cloud action was too good today to not also do a hyperlapse from the car. I especially like the part where I park for a few minutes for a bathroom break and to pick up the Podo.

Normally I use the phone to stop the time lapse when I retrieve the Podo, but I didn't want to interrupt the Hyperlapse. Since I left the phone in the car working on that, I just had to go stand in front of the Podo for a while to get this shot, and wouldn't know until much later how it looked.


One of the times I passed by, I noticed that I either didn't wrap the tripod around the signpost I used very well, or someone loosened it a bit, perhaps before reading the sticker explaining that a time lapse was occurring. That's why you see it shift a bit partway through.

Here's a video I made yesterday while working so hard to update my computer's operating system. Sam's timing was perfect.

Unfortunately, the USB ports would no longer work after the updates, and I spent about two hours trying to fix that before I gave up and reverted to the previous version. USB is far too important in my daily routine. By the time all that was sorted out, the morning had flown by and it was time for chores and lunch.

I've decided I really want LASIK. It's not wearing glasses that I mind, but rather having to clean them several times a day. Plus I spend a lot of time outside and in the pool, and it'd be so nice to be able to see better during all that. Most of the year is not glasses weather around these parts. I think I might get a consultation soon, and then do the procedure after the tattoos on my left arm are finished. A little break between tattoo projects when I can direct my money elsewhere.


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