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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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575 CPO
It was tempting to get another time lapse with the moon yesterday because it was so bright and dramatic. The clouds over the valley were better, though.


See? Much more interesting.


A previously-overgrown area that was cleared out to get rid of encampments near the new houses is now even clearer, cleaned completely out pretty much. I walked all the way to water's edge that way, and found some clothing and garbage, plus this strange setup.


I could see these clouds the entire time I was there, and had to walk right up to the edge of the water to be able to get this.


A lot of phone wires go through that area, and it's cool that you can walk right up to this tower.


The housing development's gotta be close to done. I wasn't sure if anyone lived there yet, but I could smell bacon and eggs cooking as I passed.


Check out the fairy rings in their rain garden!


Pretty squares of the day.


Yesterday's awesome walk, 5.68 miles in 1:57, 12,681 steps
5.68 miles in 1:57, 12,681 steps

I left the Podo on the overpass near the 4-mile mark, then drove on to where I started the walk from. I like doing that because the time lapse lasts even longer.

We had a nice evening. Our friend Lisa invited us for dinner, which was our first time at her place. More pretty squares from my walk to kill time since I was about 35 minutes early getting there.


Very tasty and lots of fun. After that, we spent the night at a hotel at Paine Field.

Our view for the night

That was an experiment to see if, now that we both have CPAPs, we can sleep in the same room. Same bed will always be out of the question, but we always also used separate rooms because of snoring. But neither of us do that any more, and aside from the very firm beds, last night was totally fine. This is great news, because a lot of options open up for us now when we travel. We've always had to get a suite, but it's so much easier to find a room with two beds.

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Good news that you can just get a room rather than a suite. Also great that the snoring has gone. I wonder if Mr Cee would benefit - he snores when it's allergy season*sigh* although I have put some plants in the bedroom that are supposed to increase oxygen and he has been much better.

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