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Video day

It wasn't much of a day for photos, so I only got a couple. More videos today, that might be a first!

One thing I saw when I was out today was a few of these new benches. Really annoying design, since there's not only the bar in the middle to stop people from laying down, but there's also no back, so you can't really relax.

Crappy new bench design

There's just no need for the bar down the middle. In cities, it's to prevent people from laying down, but this place is so far out of town. I've seen people sleeping in their cars there, but there's no way anyone's walking out there to stay the night.

The smaller birds that are usually over on the island were hanging around near the biosolids holding area todayl, which was weird. And frustrating, because they move so fast, it's hard to get a good video. At least I caught this hawk. Later on, I saw an eagle leave its nest nearby and fly toward where the hawks hang out, and one drove it off.

Lots of goose action today.

Today's pretty square.


And today's time lapse. If you look closely, you can see the white car that belongs to the dude with the dogs, along with another car, both annoyingly parked much further in than they're supposed to be.

Today's awesome walk, 7.47 miles in 2:35, 16,721 steps
7.47 miles in 2:35, 16,721 steps

We're leaving soon for a prime rib Mother's Day dinner with Bev and Dennis. We saw them a week ago for Garrett's birthday, and I keep joking she should have waited a little longer to have him, but he was a month late.


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