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Shuffle about

The rest of yesterday was lovely. All four of us ordered prime rib and it was very tasty. And there was enough that we'll have French dips from the leftovers. Unfortunately, Garrett had to work the rest of the evening, but before we headed home, he helped set up the new computer we picked up on the way to dinner for his dad.

I left the Podo running in our back yard all day while we were gone. I really like the single rain drop that shows up and then evaporates.

And I got a pretty decent one by mounting the Podo on some playground equipment while I swam this morning.

Work ended up scheduling a very late meeting today, so I went out for lunch and to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2. That was a lot of fun, though perhaps a bit long. If this entry seems rushed, it's because that late meeting is in less than 20 minutes.

Before I go, here's the obligatory Bella photo.

Hi Bella

And one of the shop kitty who lives at Wild Birds Unlimited in our neighborhood. We stopped there to grab a gift for Bev on the way over to see them yesterday.

Shop kitty!


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