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575 sconce

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575 CPO
This time of year is funny. Garrett calls it the "May Suckerpunch" because, every May, the sun comes out for a few days and everyone thinks the rain is over, and it comes back for six weeks or more. You can't really count on Summer to start until July 4th, and we still have fireworks in the clouds once every few years.

The rain makes for much less dramatic time lapses, though they're still interesting. This is the parking lot next to the movie theater yesterday, and I like how the rain starts to evaporate, then comes back, after which you can see the clouds it's coming from.

I'll still walk in the pouring rain, but the marina didn't sound fun, so I went out to my normal Sunday spot. One thing I noticed Sunday that's still happening is that a lot of little birds that I'd normally only see over on the island are now hanging around by the biosolids storage facility.


I'm also curious how the goslings got on that side of the fence. Can they fly already? Did they walk through when the gate was open?

It was really wet out, so, one pretty square.


Today's awesome walk, 6.41 miles in 2:05, 13,800 steps
6.41 miles in 2:05, 13,800 steps

I noticed during the walk that the large gravel was very uncomfortable to walk on, always a sign that my shoes need to be replaced. Here's the wear that came from 311 miles in three months.

Old vs new shoes

Unfortunately, this style of shoe seems to be discontinued, not too long after having to switch to it because my last ones were. I like to find a style that goes on sale for about $25 and whenever that happens, buy all the store has in my size. Hopefully there's a new style I can get a similar deal on. Either way, I've got one more pair left after this new one.

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Wow - thiseshoes have really worn haven't they!

The little goslings must have walked surely? Maybe they are so small they got through the fence and the parents flew in?

I realize now that you mention it that it's possible to walk around the fence at the North end. And of course they might be able to fit through the holes. :)

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