christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Halfway there

I giggled at my own turn of phrase this morning during my swim when I thought, time lapses are a good pastime. Literally! But it's fun to make them even if I end up deleting them, so this morning when it was very overcast in a uniform way, I set the Podo up on the fence behind the swim center.

The timing was good, I like that little flash of blue sky at the end. I keep thinking on days I go to the grocery store on the way home from the pool, I should leave the camera running while I shop and come back for it, for the extra time. Maybe next week.

Today's soundtrack was Lip Locked 308. As a reminder, I'm working my way backward through the episodes and started at 398. This has been fun because, while I like all the episodes, she used to play electro and I really liked that era. So the further back I go, the more I like the music. Here's a nice track from that episode.

I've been tagging my local photos with the hashtag that the blog I write for uses on Instagram and one of my photos ended up in the top ten for the month that they just posted. Though I'm curious why they do those posts in the middle of the month.


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