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Several successes

I thought about putting the Podo on the viewing pier right next to the ferry terminal, but when I got there, decided it was pretty risky. I'd have to put it over the edge of the fence, then reach through and wrap the tripod arms around. One of my biggest fears is dropping expensive stuff where it can't be reached. It's why I've been mad that smartphone cases no longer have the little loop so you can put a wrist strap on. But I thought of another good spot nearby, and was even smart enough to check the tide tables to make sure the water wouldn't come up while I was gone, forcing me to get my feet wet. Speaking of which, today was the first day in my new pair of shoes, and they felt great.

Over at the beach, the crane's still there. This is a different spot from where I saw it last week, and it even moved while I was walking. I'm so curious what it's for.


Today's pretty squares.


A little mindbender that reminded me of New Mexico. We used to joke that these orange barrels were the state bird, because there was always so much construction.


Another IRL emoji.


The time lapse vantage selfie. I really like this spot and will definitely use it again on a day when it's not as overcast.


Today's awesome walk, 6.51 miles in 2:22, 14,981 steps, 285ft gain
6.51 miles in 2:22, 14,981 steps, 285ft gain

Several of these are growing next to our driveway! And I'm happy to report the irises are coming back, too.


I went out for lunch, for a future Live in Everett post, and the sky was so great the whole time. I even took a slow street on the way out just to make the video better.

Speaking of the blog, one of the locations I wrote about for a piece that should be out next week was closed down today due to mudslides. Hopefully that doesn't last long, as this spot was already closed for a year and a half recently. I sent a note to the blog to let them know they should either do an editor's note about the closure, or we can delay the piece a bit. I'd rather do the former, but we'll see.


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