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Square Sunday

The sky was really clear when I drove to the island so I parked the car right near the entrance and walked around looking for somewhere interesting to put the Podo, settling on a sign warning boaters that there are vertical pipes in the water. Of course, about halfway back to the car, I noticed that there was this wispy stripe of clouds over by the mountains and the rising sun made everything look really neat. So I turned around to get the Podo and found a spot by the overpass to leave it, hoping to see some of this in time lapse form later on.


All of that was probably about a mile of distance not applied toward the actual walk.

Since it was so clear out, most of the photos I got today were of something rather than a whole view, and I ended up making more Instagram squares than ever. Glad I stared to recently embrace the square format, it's useful sometimes.


A couple broke out into rectangles, though.


Pretty squares.


I saw two hot air balloons! I've ridden in them twice, but it's been about 20 years since the last time, back in New Mexico. I'd really like to do it again.


I really don't like being out in the bright sun, and this wall of fog off in the distance looked so nice. I hoped it'd be foggy at home when I got back, but it wasn't.


Todays's awesome walk, 6.47 miles in 2:13, 14,401 steps
6.47 miles in 2:13, 14,401 steps

Unfortunately, no clouds rolled in, but I like the mist at the bottom.

We had a nice little outing after I got back. Garrett needed to meet with our friend who's a mayor for the event they work on together, so the three of us had breakfast. Months ago, I got her a giant pair of scissors because every mayor needs one, and today was the day we could finally give them to her. She loved them.

It's farmers market season, and I'll check it out soon, but wasn't really in the mood to today.

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