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Not a lot going on today, as is often the case on a Monday since that's a swim day. The next two will be different, though. I have a tattoo appointment Friday and don't swim for two weeks after those, plus a week from today is Memorial Day.

Strangely, I ran into a gentleman I chat with in the sauna sometimes, after the swim at Safeway. Not that it's weird for either of us to be there, as it's close, but he was still in the hot tub when I left, and I saw him pretty quickly after I got to the store. Lightning-fast showerer, I guess?

It was a cloudless morning so instead of bringing my Podo to the park, I left it on our back deck pointing at the yard for a little "day in the life" video. It's interesting to watch the light and shadows, too bad it ran out of battery power at about 1pm.

I consider it interesting, but not interesting enough for Instagram, so it's just on YouTube.

Did I mention we've got the AC set up downstairs? It's nice down here.

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