christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Ice where we left off

This time lapse of ice melting turned out just delightful.

It's disappointing that Movie Maker doesn't offer reverse video. I found software that does, but the watermark on the free version is huge, and the license is $40 a year. Thankfully, one of the gif tools websites that's been around for years has a free reversing tool.

Not that this particular one is so interesting, but it certainly gives me ideas.

This morning I went to my usual Thursday destination and set up the Podo at a nice spot near the lighthouse. It was a beautiful, cloudy morning, and my only complaint is that the earlier sunrise is bringing a lot more people out.

Keep this scene in mind when you watch the time lapse later, the lower right portion of the video is very dramatic due to the sun breaking through here.


Not a lot of clouds in the forecast for a while so I'm really happy I was out today.


Pretty squares.


Today's awesome walk, 5.63 miles in 2:07, 13,232 steps
5.63 miles in 2:07, 13,232 steps

This is one of my favorites so far. I'd like to find a spot at the ferry terminal for a really close view where the ships dominate the field of vision, but I should probably talk to a ferry worker about it before leaving a device behind.


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