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Right place, wrong time

On Thursday I made good use of all the sun and finally got around to seeing what happens when a shaft of light from a skylight passes over the vertical garden. It's funny, the plants look like they're just getting into it and then it's over. One of my only complaints about the Podo is that it only has a wide-angle lens, so it's pretty hard to set close-up shots up. This required two barstools stacked, just about two feet away.

Since it was another clear day, I went down to the river because it's nice and shady. I really had no idea where to leave the Podo but ended up finding a really awesome spot. I wish the fog that you can see a bit of would have rolled in further, but at least I got some good photos in it further North. This isn't the most interesting video, but I'm excited because it'll be a perfect spot on cloudier days. The reflections will be amazing.

Anyone who knows me at all knows I really love fog. I got so excited when I spotted it off in the distance. My flickr album dedicated to fog is almost at 200 photos!


Sometimes I just love an odd little scene like this, especially when the morning light amps up the colors a bit.


I suppose there's no real need to get this photo each time I go any more as the rest of the houses being worked on are out of frame. But I'm still going to.


Pretty squares


That last square is actually from our driveway, and I'm excited to report that a lot of irises are popping up this year. I'll of course take photos as they open up. The second square is the first foxglove I've spotted so far this year.

Yesterday's awesome walk, 5.22 miles in 1:50, 11,807 steps
5.22 miles in 1:50, 11,807 steps

Yesterday was my sixth session with Jimmy. He shaded in the sky behind the peacock's neck and wing, filling up the top portion of my arm, plus made darker borders around the skyline we shaded in last time.


We scheduled our next session for two months from now (because he's booked solid!), during which the plan is to fill in the rest of my upper arm. Three weeks after that will be a followup session for any touch ups. After that, we're leaving it alone for five weeks before the Three Rivers Tattoo Convention in September. If it all works out, the plan is to enter it into the contest there, but the planning has been difficult because the organizer is only just now announcing dates and stuff.

And finally, my latest piece for Live in Everett was posted yesterday. I'm sharing the link with the disclaimer that they didn't use the headline that I submitted, but you probably could have guessed that I wouldn't use the word "beachy" like that.


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