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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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It's hard to keep me in on a Sunday
575 CPO
Our friend Nancy who lives on the other side of the state called Friday night from Lynnwood, the next city South of us, hoping to hang out. I was about to go to bed, so we made plans for breakfast Saturday. Then she saw a post I shared on Facebook from my tattoo shop. The apprentice is currently doing a sale, two tattoos for the price of one, so he can get more practice in and stuff for his portfolio. Nancy bought me my first tattoo for my 30th birthday and was there when I got my second, so it was time to do it again! So we had a late breakfast with Garrett, dropped him off, then stopped by Fred Meyer so she could do a little shopping because she hadn't checked the weather and was too warm in all the clothes she was in. Thankfully the apprentice wasn't working on anyone when we got there and he was able to take us right away. I got tattooed two days in a row!

New Zima tattoo

It was hard to think of something small to do for this special, which had to be 3x5 inches or smaller and take less than two hours. I'm working on bigger projects now and hadn't thought about any small tattoos in ages. But Zima's being re-released soon, and Nancy gave me the first piece of my Zima collection, so it all just came together.

I just did some googling and can't find any other Zima tattoos. Do I have the only one?

Obviously with a fresh tattoo on my foot, my normal Sunday nine miles was out of the question, and that's fine because we stayed up late hanging out and watching movies. It's supposed to get up to 79 degrees today with no clouds at all, so I'm pretty a day in the basement is in order.

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You honestly might have the only Zima tattoo out there, although that's kind of hard to believe that nobody else has one. I've seen PBR tattoos.

You're lucky with 79 degrees, we are supposed to hit 90. Yesterday was 89.

I love it so much, lmao. But yeah, don't expect to be able to walk properly for a few days! Fortunately your tattoo is small...mine is huge and takes up most of the top of my foot. I couldn't walk normally for a week, and I couldn't wear anything more than flip flops or adjustable sandals for a month!

I did 5.5 miles today! It was really just putting the shoe on and taking it off that hurt. And my shoulder really hurts from the tattooing the day before.

Crazy! Don't get a bigger foot tattoo...walking will be agony! I couldn't even sleep the first night. It felt like my entire foot was on fire :(

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