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I didn't bring the Podo today because the sky looked really clear when I checked. While it turns out there was a lot of fog off in the distance nearly everywhere I looked that might have made for a neat video, I was glad I didn't bring it. Not having to go back to get it meant I could do a big loop today, which was perfect, because the mud situation at Japanese Gulch is much better now that we've had so many warm, sunny days. And I was surprised to see that one of the spots that's usually the worst for mud has a bunch of gravel, which is great.


Interesting mushrooms that I thought were litter from a distance.


Pretty squares.


Here's what I'm pretty sure is a new bridge. There are several like this in spots that get muddy a lot. There could be a few more.


Today's awesome walk, 5.45 miles in 2:10, 13,295 steps, 372ft gain
5.45 miles in 2:10, 13,295 steps, 372ft gain

It was really fun exploring the Northwest section again. There are so many trails up there and I always spend a good portion of the summer getting reacquainted with them. And I saw a coyote today! I stopped for a pee break and it jumped out of the same bushes, about eight feet away. Obviously my hands were occupied and I couldn't get a video.

However! I saw a deer right by where I parked. It didn't even seem bothered that I was around, and walked right toward me.

We just got back from a lovely barbecue at the adult family home where Garrett's grandma lives. They just completed a new deck out back, which was a nice place to sit under an umbrella and enjoy a meal.


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