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It's funny how weeks without swimming seem so chaotic, like having two extra walking days is just so difficult to process mentally. You'd think I'd just hit the same places I normally do and throw in some extras, but no. I could end up anywhere. Today seemed like a good day for the marina.

The cloud cover was thick enough that I didn't think I'd see much light come through, so I pointed the camera at the water. Unshockingly, this happened when I got about half an hour away from the Podo. More about that later.


Pretty squares.


Not sure why I never noticed this strange cable setup before.


Phone home.


Yesterday's special.


Today's awesome walk, 5.81 miles in 1:59, 12,930 steps
5.81 miles in 1:59, 12,930 steps

While I was at the Southernmost point in the walk, someone was back where I started, finding the Podo. They picked it up and had a look, then put it back where I left it, only facing more downward. I can't be too mad that the video was ruined since they didn't steal the Podo. I spotted that halfway through the walk, so I was able to set it up again, facing slightly more South since that's where the action was at the time.

Here's the person who grabbed the camera. I wonder if they thought it was a video and talked to it.


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