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The countdown begins

I wasn't even planning to leave the house today because some work for me to take care of has been delayed, and I hoped to get the timeline back on track by hunkering down and doing a couple of really long days today and tomorrow. But another delay was announced, so I went out for a normal Thursday walk and picked up a few groceries, too.

Some friends who live South of here jokingly posted that they found a waterfront studio in Mukilteo for $2,200 a month, this little shack I pass by all the time. So I snapped a photo to put in the comments.


More foxgloves!


I've gotten photos of this little fairy garden on a huge piece of scrap metal before, but I've never seen it growing so tall.


Pretty squares.


Today's awesome walk, 5.36 miles in 1:51, 11,993 steps
5.36 miles in 1:51, 11,993 steps


This was a nice spot for a video and I'll probably use it again, though it's easier to spot the camera when walking by than I like.

I just got word that my work to do is coming down the pike and should be ready in about an hour, so my afternoon will be busy after all. Thankfully it's not my night to make dinner.

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