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It's so nice to wake up to a cool, cloudy sky on a Sunday. Even if the sun can't break through the clouds for a neat sunrise, it's a great setup for a time lapse. On the way into my normal Sunday spot, I set the Podo up at a cool spot I've been wanting to try. A bit later, I really liked how the cloud above this mountain imitated its shape.


I've been waiting for a huge puddle that took up the entire width of a dirt road out there to dry up enough so I could get past, and today I finally could. This is the area up past the 2-mile mark on the map below.


I liked being up there because I could tell I was the first person to in a long time. The only other tracks I could find in the newly-dried mud were from deer, coyote, and ducks.


There weren't tons of opportunities for photos of the sky, but I found this break in the clouds pretty striking, and I like how you can see it form in the time lapse.


Pretty squares.


Today's awesome walk, 6.51 miles in 2:18, 14,733 steps
6.51 miles in 2:18, 14,733 steps

I'm not sure if the battery was at 100% when I started because the Podo sat around for a few days, unused. But I managed to run it out today by having it take a photo every 5 seconds. That time lapse is made from about 1,250 frames, though, which is why it looks so smooth. It ran for an hour and 45 minutes, which is pretty good. And it charged up enough in the next couple of hours to work all through our brunch!

I'm happy to report that the stuff I had to do for work on Thursday and Friday went a lot quicker than I thought it would. I spent a good amount of time on documentation in Word that I'll do again in Excel tomorrow, but that's fine.

EDIT: Oops, there's one more cloud pic I missed, and I really like it.



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