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Never early enough

As I drove down our street this morning, I saw that there was a really amazing purple and pink stripy sunrise in progress. It was tempting to go straight to the same place as yesterday to catch it in that wonderfully reflective spot on the river, but I didn't want to do the same walk two days in a row. So I parked at Legion Memorial, up above the marina, and left the camera going there. The last bits of color I saw were really great, but it didn't last.

The sky was still really nice the whole time.


Pretty squares.


I thought this was a square, but when I saw it in the grid, I realized it wasn't.


Clearly I had a great time taking photos today. Videos, too.

And even though the color disappears right at the start of the time lapse, it still came out great.

Today's awesome walk, 6.6 miles in 2:19, 14,894 steps
6.6 miles in 2:19, 14,894 steps

I didn't even do the South portion of the marina and still got a lot of distance in. Starting up above like that is pretty neat, the only disadvantage is the lack of a crosswalk. I emailed the city about that a couple of years ago and they were confident they'd get funding via a grant for one. Maybe it didn't work out.

And here's a hummingbird on our feeder. They keep taking off whenever I reach for the phone lately, so I was surprised to get such a long video.


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