christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

Not a lot to report

I had to go to campus today and decided I'd do a nice long walk before heading out. Same destination as I always hit on Thursday, just more of it.

It was grey and wet, though, and there wasn't much to see. Other than this heron, which was sitting much higher than they usually do. Of course, it flew away after I took this.


And it's not a great photo, but I was really taken by the fog rolling over the island.


Today's awesome walk, 7.56 miles in 2:29, 16,394 steps
7.56 miles in 2:29, 16,394 steps

People are always saying I should write words or draw pictures with my routes, so I tried to write FUCK today. It's not quite precise enough for that size.

There's not much to see in the video, so I didn't put it on Instagram. But there's a surprise!

At least this guy didn't move the camera. The photos have a neat quality to them, too.

The meeting on campus was good, and I chose the long, slow way home instead of the stressful one. It was a really pretty drive, and I ran the dashcam for part of it. If the roads were straighter, it would have made for a great video, because the sky was really dramatic. But I think everyone would have gotten motion sickness, so I discarded.

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