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Miles in the car, miles on the feet

I've been all over the place lately. Not mentally, just physically. Thursday was the trip to Redmond and back, and Friday morning I went down to Bothell and Mill Creek. I agreed to let a traveling friend's dog out for a morning pee break, and figured I may as well do a walk while down there.

There's a cool trail by the house where the dog lives. Very pretty, but could be maintained a little better. Of course, what I thought was the worst part was not actually the trail at all; when I emerged, I realized there was a paved trail parallel to the brush I pushed through. Oh well.


There's a very cool park down there called North Creek Park. Even though it's huge on the map, most of it's wetlands and there's a very long boardwalk. The fog gathers in it nicely.


The boardwalk goes North and South with branches heading West. I wanted to check both those out, but this kid blocked my path on the second one, and was really scared so I didn't want to disturb it.


Friday's awesome walk, 5.84 miles in 1:54, 12,646 steps, 347ft gain
5.84 miles in 1:54, 12,646 steps, 347ft gain

My original route was supposed to be a little longer, with some exploring in the Mill Creek Nature Reserve. I got really tired of all the traffic, though, and cut it a bit short. Then I went to three Walmarts hoping to find some Zima, which an article I saw said they already had in stock. No luck there or at the two grocery stores I checked later on. Hopefully I'll find some this week.

I should have left the Podo in my friend's yard, but didn't. You still get a video from Friday, though.

And here's a video of Steve being bad yesterday. I managed to make it loop almost perfectly!

Also yesterday, I met an coworker from 11 years ago and her son for brunch, which was a lot of fun. We worked a swing shift together and used to like to go out and play pool a lot on Fridays after work. And I finally approached a business owner in person about an interview, which was a big milestone for me. I'm also happy to report that I've been approached for possible freelance work because of the blogging I've been doing.

I don't talk about work a lot online, but my original career plan when I was in college was to become an advertising copywriter. And I did! It was for an employment agency, though, and the work was really uninspiring. I took some copywriting classes after I was laid off from that job, intending to get back into it, but life happened and I ended up not wanting to be back in an agency environment ever again if I could avoid it. I never pursued that kind of job again and wasn't sure I was any good, so the talk of work and feedback on my blogging has been really nice.

We had a fun evening at home with Netflix and although I didn't sleep particularly well, I got out on time for a very nice walk this morning. The moon was setting and looked amazing, so I pointed the Podo that way.


Pretty squares.


I do love when the water is smooth and I can do some mindbenders.



That sky called for a pano, for sure.


Hot air balloon!


Friday's awesome walk, 5.91 miles in 2:07, 13,475 steps
5.91 miles in 2:07, 13,475 steps

I didn't go to the island today because of the mosquito attack I suffered there earlier this week. It was a very lovely walk without it, though. and I dig today's time lapse.

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