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Not enough or too much

My friend Melissa asked a few days ago if she could walk with me today, and I chose Lowell because it's been a long time since I took her there, and the new housing development has come a long way since she saw it. But as is often the case, I didn't use my phone much since I had company.

I took exactly one picture of this thing I hope is incorporated into the design when they create the new park at this spot.


I left the Podo at the spot by the river, where I wished the skies weren't so clear the last two times I made videos. Today was the opposite issue. The cloud cover was so thick, there's not much to see. Still a neat video, though, mainly due to the reflections on the water.

Friday's awesome walk, 6.31 miles in 2:02, 13,560 steps
6.31 miles in 2:02, 13,560 steps

It'd been a while since I saw Melissa and it was fun to catch up.


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