christopher575 (christopher575) wrote,

I shouldn't have said anything!

Yesterday the sky was overcast, but there was still some texture to it. Today when I got to the pool, it was drizzling out and the sky looked completely flat.


Nothing at all to see, so I didn't bother setting the Podo up. My swimming soundtrack was Lip Locked 305, and I really liked this song that played toward the end.

After the pool, I headed over to a local business for my first real interview for the blog I've been writing for. It was much easier to do than I thought it would be, mainly because I'd already read their website and we chatted a bit the first time I went. It'll be a while before it gets posted as there are two in the queue before it, though.

Since there wasn't a sky video, I decided to experiment a bit. When I finished my lunch yesterday, I froze a toy in the container it came in, and today I melted the ice with the Podo going. Unfortunately, with a photo every five seconds, the battery died before it could melt all the way. So it's just on YouTube since it's not what I wanted it to be. And it was just a test anyway.


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