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575 sconce

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"Let's make a burrito!"

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Stuck in the middle (of the week) with you
575 CPO
Melissa wanted to join up again today, so I figured the tank farm, my usual Thursday spot, would be good. I'm swimming tomorrow since Ana and I are getting tattoos in the afternoon and I won't be able to swim again for another two weeks.

I was happy to find such a dramatic sky waiting for us. So good for time lapses.


A friend posted a few photos from Mukilteo yesterday, including this spot, so I took this to send to her.


Can't say I've ever seen someone fishing quite like this before.


With company along, I never stop for too many photos, but I managed to get a couple of pretty squares.


Today's awesome walk, 5.55 miles in 1:48, 11,966 steps, 284ft gain
5.55 miles in 1:48, 11,966 steps, 284ft gain

I've wanted to leave the camera at today's spot for a while, which is a sign saying what the parking restrictions are when I park down there. Today was a perfect day for it, because with my car in front of the sign and Melissa's next to mine, one would have to wade through waist-high plants or lean on our cars. I figured people wouldn't even notice, or wouldn't want to come close if they did. I like this video, but I wish there were more trains.