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Thursday's kind of a weird day for me to find myself suddenly out of time at the end of the day. It's the one weekday I'm not responsible for dinner, and I often also go out for lunch. Usually such a chill day. But my car's been making an annoying noise, and only when it's cold, so I left my car at the shop on Wednesday so they could check it out in the morning. That left me with no car yesterday, so it was a very different Thursday.

Thursdays are almost always devoted to the tank farm, but that's five miles away, so I did a walk right here in the neighborhood. I don't do that very often because I prefer to be away from houses and busy streets when I walk. It's not so bad to do it once in a while. And there's always some strange stuff to see.


There are some great views, too.


One of those views was of a nice sea of fog in the valley, making me wish I was down there.


Pretty squares.


No walk here in the neighborhood is complete without a trip through the park where the swim center is. And my timing was funny because I walked by the pool about five minutes before it opened. Surprisingly, nobody was waiting outside. Just across the parking lot from there is the petting zoo, which I saw is open for the season starting tomorrow. It's not a very long season, as the animals then go to the various fairs.


Today's awesome walk, 4.27 miles in 1:31, 9,641 steps
4.27 miles in 1:31, 9,641 steps

No time lapse yesterday since I don't really know anywhere here in the neighborhood to leave my camera other than right here on our property. I hoped to take the bus across town to grab the car at lunch time because the shop is by one of my favorite restaurants, but there was no saying when it would be ready, so I ate at home. Made great time when I got word to come down, though! 38 minutes from door to door, which is pretty quick considering there's a half mile walk at either end, and the bus trip itself is another four miles. And I waited about seven minutes for the bus to arrive.

After getting settled in back home, I started writing a blog post for Live in Everett. This one was a new challenge for me because I interviewed someone, and had to spend some time transcribing to get accurate quotes. When I was partway through, I noticed they posted my latest piece, so I spent a little time promoting that before finishing the new one. Suddenly it was time for bed.

I made up for missing the tank farm yesterday with a trip down there today, which turned out to be a good choice. The sky was completely clear, so the beach there was a good spot for the time lapse. I was surprised to see this heron perched high up and even more surprised that it didn't take off when I got the camera out. I hoped to see it closer from the other side of the loop, but a woman and her dog were there and obviously scared it off by the time I came around.


A nice little view of Mt. Baker looking really flat.


The Olympics also looked amazing, though there isn't a phone available that can get a good picture from that spot.


It wasn't long before the sun emerged and slowly sapped the life out of me.


Pretty squares.


A little Snapchat humor.


There were a lot of flowers I liked today, but couldn't get photos of because it was too bright. The light was pretty good for videos, though.

I was amazed to see that eagle flying almost directly toward me, and in plenty of time to get the camera going. I think that's my closest eagle encounter to date.

Even though the time lapse doesn't have any clouds, it's fun. I had no idea so many people walked in front of the camera, or that a barge left the port. There's a bit of movement because I put the camera on a small tree.

Today's awesome walk, 5.05 miles in 2:00, 12,288 steps
5.05 miles in 2:00, 12,288 steps

I could have done a longer walk, but the sun was annoying, and I wanted a haircut. I texted my barber to ask for the first appointment of the day at 9am. It was taken, but she let me come in early!

Work's quiet, which is surprising because a new tool we built went live yesterday in the afternoon and I thought for sure we'd get a lot of emails from the people who have to use it now. Maybe it's just so perfect that they aren't having any issues at all. Or maybe it's just because it's Friday.


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