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One of the only drawbacks about my normal Sunday spot is the lack of shade. The sky was really clear when I pulled out of the garage, so I decided to head down to Meadowdale Beach Park in Lynnwood, which I'd only been to once before. I was surprised to see some cotton candy clouds in the Southwestern sky, so I pulled into a parking lot and set up the dashcam.

The gates at the park were closed, so I drove to the best place I could think of to leave the car along the route, which is a huge set of ball fields. That ended up being a great decision because it was a big open space which was great for leaving the Podo behind in on a soccer goal, plus it put me 2.5 miles into my route, getting me into the park sooner. There were quite a few people coming down into it the other direction as I climbed, but I got to have the beach below to myself before they could get to it.

The walk down is really pretty. I wouldn't live in most of Lynnwood, but if I could afford Meadowdale Beach or the streets leading down to it, I'd consider it.


The last time I went, I couldn't even see the beach, because tons of water was flowing through the tunnel leading to it. All the gravel in this walkway illustrates how powerful that water was.


Death stairs.


More nice skies on the way out.


Today's awesome walk, 6.03 miles in 2:05, 13,478 steps, 618ft gain
6.03 miles in 2:05, 13,478 steps, 618ft gain

The time lapse turned out pretty neat. I like the shadows a lot.

And here's another hyperlapse from the drive home. I realized a while back that long, straight stretches make for the best ones.

It's another day of hiding in the basement. Garrett is grilling up some pork chops, corn, and asparagus soon. I'm watching cheesy '80s horror movies on YouTube, some of which I've found via an '80s account I like on tumblr, and others via YouTube's suggestions, which are getting better all the time.



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